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GongPlay® Sound Activation - Heart & Mind #0809-SADL

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GongPlay® Sound Activation - Heart & Mind #0809-SADL


This recording is for download. 

All recordings are played by Jamie Bechtold, one of the first sound bath players in Los Angeles. Jamie has been playing sound baths with gongs and crystal singing bowls since 2004 and has played thousands of public events. She opened GongPlay® SoundLab in 2015 (originally as The Sound Space, and then The Soundbath Center) as the first venue in Los Angeles dedicated solely to sound bath events and soundbath practitioner training.

GongPlay® Sound Activations are created with a specific intent and focus so one can get the most out of the listening experience. This is a set of two activations, Clear Mind and Clear Heart, which were recorded with the Meinl Earth gong. 

Clear Mind was created with the intention of bringing clarity to the mind. As you listen, focus your awareness in the head and notice what you feel and sense.  

Clear Heart activation was made with the intention of increasing clarity in the heart. As you listen, focus and feel the sounds at the center of your chest and notice what you feel and sense.


*Listen with headphones

*Lay down or sit comfortably and close your eyes

*Listen and stay present with yourself and the sounds

*For best results, add in the suggested focus of the specific sound activation

*After the sound ends, give yourself a few minutes in silence before getting up

Do not listen to in situations requiring alertness, such as driving. 


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